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Let's talk prices. . .

We believe everyone should be able to afford new, rare and unusual!   We work hard--very hard to make that happen for you.

Besides having an amazing selection of plants and shrubs, Big Bloomers is proud to offer this selection at prices that won't break the bank or cost you an arm and a leg.  Many garden centers simply buy plants from suppliers and sell them--they don't grow them.  We grow over 90% of what we sell so there is no middle man! Our staff is often shocked when they see price comparisons posted and wonder why gardeners would pay such prices.  Once gardeners know about Big Bloomers, they don't anymore.  We'll continue to add comparisons, but here's a start.  It's why we advertise that shoppers can often save enough on one perennial to pay for their gas to drive to Sanford.  Life is better on the Farm.  We look forward to seeing you here.


Standard Pricing: Unless otherwise priced, most plants

are priced as follows:

3.5" pot perennials and herbs---4.95                     4" annual varieties---3.95

5.5" pot perennials  and herbs---6.95               6" annual varieties---5.95

1 gal. perennials and shrubs---8.95                       10" hanging baskets---12.95

1 gal. Proven Winners or named Varieties-- starting at 9.95                     


Competitors Pricing vs Our Prices

A recent survey of some of our competitors revealed some surprising cost differences, see for yourself.  Prices were current at time of posting.

Below is about 1% of many plants you can save on! 


price comparison_August-1.jpg