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Tickled Pink by a new leucantha 'Danielle's Dream'

We are tinkled pink this spring to be able to offer to you, our favorite plant addicts, not only the lovely new Salvia leucantha

'Danielle's Dream'

but also the equally gorgeous

'White Mischief'

I'm talkin a pink...yes, a pink leucantha as well as an all white...yes, an all white Salvia leucantha.

We don't think these are widely available in the U.S., if at all, anywhere else in these parts. Thanks to our fearless leader John we have them here for you.

You didn't know you needed to have them, did you?... but you will...

They are one of the sturdiest leucanthas I have witnessed for pot growing and they are of course touted for that. Even treated as a "southern" fall annual they would be worth their weight in gold for being another blooming annual to add to our fall repertoire.

Planted in your landscape they would be a lovely addition to your fall gardens. We are crossing our fingers about their hardiness.